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As you are already aware, AFRINIC is facing some legal challenges with one of its resource members that recently led to the freezing of its bank accounts. It is understood that AFRINIC has already undertaken legal actions to resist the freezing order.

The community in Mauritius as well as in the African region has shown their interests to support AFRINIC for the latter to meet some or part of its expenses and to pay the staffs.

Should you wish to make any financial donation, contribution to AFRINIC, the laws and regulations require us to identify the persons or entity involved. Please click on the link below to fill-in the appropriate form to show your intention.

The application will go through a validation process and once approved, we will send you the appropriate link to make the transfer accordingly.




  1. Natural person who ultimately owns or controls an entity; or
  2. Natural person on whose behalf a transaction is being conducted
Those natural persons who exercise ultimate control over a legal person or arrangement as described below:
  1. Legal persons:
  1. Natural persons who ultimately have a controlling ownership interest in the legal person;
  2. Where there is doubt as to whether the person with the controlling ownership interest is the beneficial owner or where no natural person exerts control through ownership interests, the identity of the natural person exercising control of the legal person through other means; and
  3. Where no natural person is identified above, the natural person who holds the position of senior managing official.
  1. Legal arrangement:
  1. For trusts: the settlor, the trustee, the beneficiaries or class of beneficiaries and where applicable the protector or the enforcer and any other natural person exercising ultimate effective control over the trust including through a chain of control or ownership; and
  2. For other types of legal arrangements: the persons in equivalent or similar positions.
AFRINIC is an RIR (Regional Internet Registry) for Africa, similar to other RIRs which exists for other regions in the world. There are presently six (6) RIRs in the world.
In 2004, after a selection of potential host countries, AFRINIC was incorporated in Mauritius. It was decided that the Board will consist of elected representatives from the six identified sub-regions in Africa (Northern, Western, Central, Eastern, Indian Ocean and Southern).
In April 2005, ICANN accredited AFRINIC as the fifth Regional Internet Registry according to criteria defined in its ICP-2 document (criteria for the establishment of regional Internet registries).
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OTAM is an association regrouping the operators in the sector of ICT namely Outsourcing, Telecommunications and BPO companies.

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